‘Mrs. Ruchika…’

Ruchika Joshi is out of her chair even before the announcement is complete, and at the reception to pick up her ultrasound report.

‘Congratulations, you are going to become a Mommy,’ the receptionist smiles.

Pregnant? Mommy? There must be some mistake!

Yet, for that brief moment Ruchika can’t stop images of a cute little child flashing before her eyes. The child she thought she would have someday.

She returns a confused smile as she stretches out her hand for the report.

‘I’m Ruchika, Ruchika Doshi,’ another woman steps in front of her and grabs the report before Ruchika can reach it.

‘Sorry Mrs. Joshi, your report will be ready soon,’ the receptionist is still smiling.

Ruchika returns to her seat, runs her hand absent-mindedly over her hysterectomy-scarred belly.

She tries to, but cannot see the child anymore.