IF only they had stopped him from having one drink too many that night!

This is what his friends would say, and wonder if things would have been different if he hadn’t lost

his job to recession

his father to cancer

his girlfriend to another man

As for Raj himself, none of this was important any more. All that mattered right now was that someone should walk into his room through that door. Morning would be too late, when his mother would come to wake him up like she did everyday.

The wire that he had pulled so hastily over his head was cutting into his neck and life at a rapid pace.  

If only Mother would walk in early today….



Her son had looked pensive tonight; pensive and determined in a strange sort of way. She wondered if she should go into his room and ask if everything was okay. It would be morning soon; she would let him get some rest.

Morning would come, but it would bring with it a haunting question and a lingering regret that would darken her remaining days.