‘C’mon, do it,’ the voice in Joydeep’s head was insistent.

Joydeep knew it was now or never; he must kill this monster that had captured and enslaved him and cut him off him from the world. Soon it would be too late and there would be no escape.

For months now, the beast had compelled him to remain confined in this room, isolating him from everything and everybody he once loved. Now it was only the two of them, and Joydeep’s captor had become his only link to the outside world. It was alarming how Joydeep was beginning to enjoy his captivity and the brute’s company; he knew he had to act now or be lost forever.

Joydeep clutched the hammer and tiptoed behind the monster, now uncharacteristically asleep. He had to do this before the fiend woke and enticed him into subjugation once again. He raised his hand; he was just one swift blow away from liberty.

The monster remained unperturbed in his tranquil repose, confident that his captive would never be able to get away. Joydeep raised his hand but could not bring it down on the wicked head. His hand went limp and the hammer clattered noisily to the floor.

Joydeep sank into a chair and faced the villain who, as always, remained indifferent to the appeal and supplication in Joydeep’s gaze; ‘Set me free, please set me free,’ it said in vain.

Joydeep knew he waited too long to break the shackles and make his getaway; he would forever remain the unfeeling, merciless Computer’s slave.