SURAJ was laid to rest, in a manner of speaking, one misty, moisty morning. Not the kind of day he would have liked to say goodbye to the world. And certainly not the way in which he wanted to go. If only he had chosen to carry out his plan on another day…


Suraj was with his wife Maya at Lucifer Point (what an odd name for such a harmless & restful place!) on the hill near their home. ‘Let’s go to Lucifer Point tomorrow at daybreak,’ he had said to her the previous night. ‘The sunrise there is spectacular,’ he had added quite needlessly, for she would never have dared to refuse anyway. And the bonehead couldn’t have known that the weather forecast had predicted a cloudy, misty start for the coming day.

The sky had been clear as they climbed up the hill, but as they neared Lucifer Point a thick mist had suddenly sprung up, seemingly from nowhere, and thankfully hidden them from each other’s gaze. Or so he thought. The wind licked at them with moist, hungry fingers and a strange stillness had fallen over the place.

He was standing at the edge of the cliff, and he knew she couldn’t be far away. Now was the time to push her over the edge and rid himself of her annoying ceaseless presence and bring the love of his life home.

‘Hey, where are you?’ he demanded, stretching out his hand to reach her. But all he could touch was the disquieting silence. The wind seemed to have grown sharper and even more sodden than before. He clawed about for her in the oozy mist, but a sudden sharp gust of wind threw him off balance and sent him toppling over the cliff’s edge. Was it just the wind or that halfwit’s cold, clammy hand that dispatched him to the bottom of the hill, he would never know.


On top of the hill, all was quiet and peaceful at Lucifer Point again. Maya sat down on a rock and waited; the mist was starting to clear and, before returning home, she would enjoy the sunrise and the beginning of a new day.


This is in response to the prompt – One misty, moisty morning – at Carry on Tuesday