Illustration: Maginel Wright Enright
via Monday’s Child  


Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit decided to play
Re-live their childhood, put the years away

They called up their friends, pulled them out of bed
‘Come here pronto, don’t be laggards,’ they said

The friends came quickly, in ones and twos
Hopping in their nightgowns, without tie or shoes

They played a few games, then sat down to eat
Hungry and tired, they looked forward to the treat

‘To our friendship,’ smiled Papa Rabbit, raising a toast
The friends joined in swiftly, eyeing carrot cake & vegetable roast

They savoured their meal, talked of times old and new
The many gatherings they had enjoyed, the fights a few

True friends they were all, from childhood together
For each other always, both in hard times and in fair weather