Illustration: Phoebe Erickson
via Monday’s Child

It was such a surprise!

Hard-to-please Mrs. Rat
Dressed to the nines
In flower-topped hat
A delicate string of shine
On her slender little leg
(It was gold, we are told)
Strode into the kitchen
Not with complaints or grouse
(Would you believe it!)
But to give her compliments
To the head chef Ms. Mouse.
‘The meal was delicious
‘It couldn’t get better
‘Corn soup full of cheese and
‘Dollops of butter,’ she said
‘The service was excellent,’
She added, daintily wiping her face
Trying to hide her delight
Behind the silk kerchief lace
‘To be served my favourite dishes
‘With such charm and grace
(Especially as the server was forced
To do so, he had no way to escape)
‘The food acquired a special taste
‘Served as it was by that naughty Tom Cat.’

And, she ACTUALLY smiled as she said that!