Illustration: Marjorie Torrey
via Monday’s Child

His body was green, his brown eyes had a golden hue
He had short wings, a long curly tail and hair but few

Princess Raajee was lonely, she had no one to play
When she saw him standing there, it made her day

They stood rooted to the ground, looked at each other wide-eyed
Till she remembered he was her guest, ‘Welcome here,’ she cried

She introduced him to the Queen, she was happy and proud
‘I present to you my friend, Raju,’ she said and gently bowed

The Queen was delighted, her daughter had found a friend
She would now have company, her loneliness would end

Polite and well-mannered, Raju easily won hearts
They loved him throughout the kingdom, not just in parts

He has made the Princess happy, a vacuum he has filled
He is out of this world, and everyone is thrilled