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THE leaves crunched under my boots, until they didn’t. We were now in complete sync and they had turned into a silent companion that would never forsake me. Unlike the rest of the world.

I had been walking for hours. Or was it days? It no longer mattered. All that mattered was that I had been able to get away; away from the torment of living together and being utterly, desperately alone.

Where am I headed to? I will know, eventually. Time will tell, point me to the right direction.

Right now I am happy to just keep on walking. And, for the silent company of the leaves.


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Aleck Smart strutted into the ATM cubicle in his skin-tight trousers and natty shirt. He had had a fruitful day; he was an ‘artist’ and the auntie-types were an easy target. He made them feel wanted and it always worked, he smiled. Getting the fifty-something woman to surrender her credit card had been a piece of cake. She had even told him her password!

He would withdraw the entire amount permissible, a measly 20,000 rupees, in notes of 1000, slip them easily into his pocket and walk out unnoticed. As he waited for the notes to appear his smile faded, the ATM machine began dispensing twenties…


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SHE waited to take the lift for the nth time that day. Endless signatures were required from endless number of officials located on completely different floors of the building that was uncompromisingly vertical. She had already been allotted work but no work station or terminal as yet – procedures have to be followed, it takes time, they said. She had joined work with enthusiasm two weeks ago, but hundreds of phone calls, emails and signatures later, all she could feel was exasperation. And it was growing bigger by the minute… she gave a wry smile as the lift failed to stop at her floor yet again.


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They were so taken by the ‘stone’ that yielded foam they failed to notice both the lifebelt and the incoming tide. Then, it was too late.


For Microfiction Monday

‘Ooh Nani, look what’s in here!’ Sonia held open the box and pointed excitedly at the contents. Mina smiled at her 12-year-old granddaughter as she lifted the stack of letters from the ancient chest. Grandmother and granddaughter were soon engrossed, sliding out the yellowing notepaper from the discoloured envelopes and gently unfolding the now fragile paper.

Nani, you had soooo many friends, and y’all actually WROTE soooo many letters?’ Sonia asked incredulously. A world without email and texting, was it really possible?!

But Mina was already far away; she ran her hands over the sheets, caressing and caressed by memories, happy to once again touch and relive the past.


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‘Beam me up, Scottie,’ Captain Fox sounded desperate. The howling dog-like creatures on the otherwise barren planet were fast drawing near, but there was no response from his assistant in the spaceship, Loyalty, hovering overhead.

Strange. Scottie, the robot dog, always did as commanded, even when Captain Fox was at his cruelest best.

‘Beam, Scottie,’ begged Captain Fox, panic taking over as he looked in the hand-held monitor – there was no Scottie at the Loyalty control panel.

When and how Scottie left the spaceship, Captain Fox could not say. But there he was, leading the pack that was now close, dangerously close….


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She hardly noticed the old man standing next to her and smiled at the massive diamond he had placed on her finger. The lottery ticket was hers. Forever.


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Here are two versions of the same story. Enjoy!


‘You, pregnant? How wonderful! I’m going to be a papa!’
But our savings are at an all time low and I have still to start building that nest!


‘You are pregnant? OMG, our savings are at an all time low and I have still to start building that nest!’
‘Well, I told you not to.’ Giggle.

Pia looked with dismay at the glass figurines given by the kind old gentleman at whose house she worked as domestic help. Not one, not two, but all of seven! What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009!  The children would be disappointed, but instead of complaining, Pia decided to welcome the elves. She arranged them around an imaginary tree, with trinkets carefully saved over the years. The children must have lined up their shoes as well – next morning candy-filled shoes and a tiny Christmas tree, with seven naughty faces smiling from behind its branches, stood resplendent there.  


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Perfect mother, perfect child! That is what they call us, Mother and me. We can do no wrong. And, to make sure of that, they have given us these ugly crowns that sit so heavy on our heads. 

It had appeared to be such an innocent game! ‘You are perfect, a goddess,’ they said.

They could do nothing right, so they made sure she bore the burden of their failings and could do nothing wrong. To be good and right and all things nice became her responsibility. She was too young, too eager to please, too naïve to understand the trap they had cleverly laid. She would pay heavily for that, her real mistake. 

Unknowingly, she became a victim of their demands and aspirations. She, in turn, unwittingly made me, her only child, an unwilling partner and casualty in this charade.   

How I wish this was a game she had never played! Slowly but surely, the mask thrust upon her became her real face. The others pretended to be dumb; they were too smart to acknowledge what they could clearly see – the warm person struggling to break free behind that cold, perfect visage.   

Come on Mother, let’s make our escape. 

But I know it is now too late. 



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