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Pushed to the brink
Oh no!’ you can feel your heart sink,
What shall I do? Bolt?’ But
Escape is never the answer. Summon
Resourcefulness and courage; charge, don’t shrink

Try your Power at It’s Thursday


Don’t jump
Don’t thump 

Don’t grab
Don’t drag 

Don’t speak
Don’t peek 

Don’t bare
Don’t dare 

…the list is never-ending
But Junior is not bending
The Dos & Don’ts he shall skip
Live life as it comes, give the rules a miss


For Lots of Laughter

His behavior was appalling

His manners simply galling

But the women loved his mane

It could ensnare even the most sane

Send them over the edge when he came calling


… and this one in anticipation of the madness that will ensue along with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 that is round the corner

When cricket comes calling

The atmosphere is appalling

All conversation revolves around balls

Work gets stalled, fans go over the edge and

It’s simply galling


Go over the edge @ Lots of Laughter

There was once a chef called Cook
Who was too proud to go by the book
His recipes were strong on garlic, chillies, spice
Harmless to eat – next morning came the surprise!


Russell Brand
Had a wedding grand
He could still make merry
Now with only Katy Perry


Share in the fun at Lots of Laughter

Are we there yet?
There? Where?

Are we?
Am I?


No more questions.
Just the quest, and
Undying hope
Someday, somehow to
Get there.


To get ‘there’ go to Carry on Tuesday

Illustration: Anne Anderson
via Monday’s Child 


In the kingdom of bats, the rules are upside down
Daytime is for sleeping, nights for visiting town

When the sun goes down, and darkness comes in striding
Little Bat Princess in royal cloak, comes out of hiding

The world is wrapped in sleep, and no one can do her harm
She plays with nocturnal friends, and spreads her batty charm

But if the moon gets naughty, and tries to shine too bright
Bat Princess spreads out her cloak, and covers up the light



Photo courtesy Willow @ Magpie Tales


Once smooth hands

tremble, pause, gently trace

silhouettes of yesterday.

Once sparkling eyes

strive to focus,

peer fondly

into the faded depths

of bygone days.

The sepia tones


fail to cloak, to hide.

The past

in mind’s eye

ageless, evergreen,

still alive. 



Image courtesy link


The helplessly dangling worm made me drool
It looked so harmless, so captivating, so cool
I should have known there was something fishy
In a shape so alluring, so beguilingly dishy
I chose style over substance, oh what a fool!

Enjoy other fishy tales at Lots of Laughter 

Illustration: Ernest Aris via Monday’s Child


Mr. and Mrs. Hare were a little too old
To welcome another baby into their fold
They had three children, all strapping young lads
Their family felt complete and they were oh, so glad!
But when they found a baby girl, left wailing at their door
They welcomed her with open arms, happy they now had four


Mr. Flop always follows Ms. Flip
Alas, she cannot give him the slip! 

It is written in the book
This rule, it can’t be shook 

Flip-flop, flip-flop they go
As you and I well know 

Oh, how sweet that sounds!
In meaning too it abounds 

But if the sequence is reversed
The consequences are absurd 

I am sure you’ll readily agree
Flop-flip has no pedigree 

Flip-flop makes perfect sense
Flop-flip is rather dense 


Enjoy flipping and flopping at Lots of Laughter

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